The Story behind Papa Carmine's

Papa Carmine’s Hot Peppers was founded by Bob Schindler, a former airline pilot who was first introduced to this type of condiment while flying in and out of Chicago. This fiery mix of serrano, jalapeño & red bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower, olives and seasoning submerged in oil is known in Chicago as Giardiniera (jar-din-air-ah).

Like an edible exclamation point, giardiniera adds instant heat, crunch and acid to all types of food including sandwiches, subs, Italian beef, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, pasta, tacos, chicken, steak, pizza, eggs and just about anything else. You can scoop on or simply drizzle the infused oil on your favorite foods.

Giardiniera has its’ origins in Italy, where it means pickled vegetables. Italians would preserve vegetables from the garden during the growing season using vinegar, what you may think of as an antipasti. During the late nineteenth century, with an influx of Italian immigrants to Chicago, giardiniera was introduced and a new version emerged with the vegetables cut smaller, hot peppers added and vinegar replaced with oil. Papa Carmine’s Hot Peppers mission is to introduce this delicious Chicago condiment to people across America and the world.

Papa Carmine’s Hot Peppers is proudly made in the USA.

Once you try Papa Carmine’s Hot Peppers you’ll love it! Join the giardiniera movement and spread the word!